The Research in Bioinformatics and Semantic Web (RiBS) Lab of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin, is led by Professor Daniel P. Miranker . Our current research focuses on bioinformatics, semantic web, intelligent information systems, data indexing, search and warehousing.

Semantic Web

We are creating The Ribs Federated Database Project, which is supported by the NSF program on Integrated Information Systems, grant IIS-1018554

Our current projects concern data integration, ontology mapping, faceted search, the automated mapping of legacy relational databases to the Semantic Web and Ontologies with applications to Biodiversity and Systematic Biology. Our current projects are:


Our current projects concern comparative RNA sequence analysis and proteomic mass-spectroscopy .

  • RNA Sequence Alignment and Comparative Analysis
  • MoBIoS, The Molecular Biological Information System

Latest Publications

  • Mayank Kejriwal and Daniel P. Miranker. An Unsupervised Algorithm for Learning Blocking Schemes. International Conference on Data Mining. 2013
  • Juan F. Sequeda and Daniel P. Miranker. Ultrawrap: SPARQL Execution on Relational Data. Journal of Web Semantics. 2013
  • Lee Thompson, Weijia Xu, and Daniel P. Miranker. Fast Scalable Selection Algorithms for Large Scale Data. IEEE Big Data Conference. 2013
  • Juan F. Sequeda. On the Semantics of R2RML and its Relationship with the Direct Mapping. Poster paper at ISWC 2013
  • Aibo Tian, Juan F. Sequeda, Daniel Miranker. QODI: Query as Context in Automatic Data Integration. Research paper at ISWC 2013
  • Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, Iliya Enchev, Sever Fundatureanu, Paul Groth, Albert Haque, Andreas Harth, Felix Leif Keppmann, Daniel Miranker, Juan Sequeda, Marcin Wylot. NoSQL Databases for RDF: An Empirical Evaluation. Evaluation paper at ISWC 2013



  • The QODI paper at ISWC 2013 was nominated to Best Student Research paper
  • Constitute received 2nd Place in the 2013 Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC